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New school year in Gaza

On 24th of Aug of the last year I started my work at school. It was long, tiring, and as if I were in a completely different world. I was sad for leaving Belal while he was still 8 months old. I was looking at the first grade students while they were crying. The scene of a mother leaving her child while he is yelling, “I want to go with you” was so sad that I cried many times during that day when I tried to persuade them to stay but they didn’t turn their eyes away from their mothers. My tears rolled over my cheeks, and I tried to hide myself to make sure teachers didn’t see me.

I was eagerly waiting for the 25th of Aug to meet my students, and I thought of some ideas to make them feel happy on their first day of school. I bought them sweets and stars. I prepared the cards and toys.
The school is supposed to start today, yet the beginning of the year seems to be very far. My school may be turned into a shelter for people who are displaced now. Do they write something on the boards? Do the children therein play the game of teachers and students? Did they prepared new pencils or bags? They have nothing. Their school things are under theĀ  rubbles. they no longer have uniforms, books or pencilcases. they may even dream of the day on which school starts so that their parents give them shekels to buy a piece of biscuits.This time, their parents have nothing to give them, nor can they provide them a safe place to live in.


I’m ashamed to feel sad for leaving my son for 6 hours while there are children whose parents left them forever.I may not cry for the children who leave their mums. I’m afraid I may cry over the loss of some of my students, the stories of bombing their houses or their tears when they talk about their families that were massacred.
What happiness may a star or some candy bring to a child who has lost every thing? This year is going to be sad, very sad!


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