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Gaza Under Attack


(1) the 22nd day of the aggression

Why haven’t I wrote anything till this moment?

Because there was no electricity. We see the light for 3 hours out of 24, and sometimes more than 24.

There was no internet connection since the third day of the aggression, and there was no nerves to write anything, Just following up the news with tears.


(2) this time is different

It was Ramadan. That war was much more brutal than the previous ones. Israel was crazy killing civilians, destroying their homes over their heads, and slaughtering their children. I thought to myself, this war cannot continue till the Eid! This massacres must end before the Eid. However, I was wrong.


(3) My Eid

I used to go to the Eid prayer every year. How can Israel prevent me from going to the mosque this time? I’m wrathful.

I bought new clothes for me and my son. How can they prevent us from wearing them?

How can they prevent us from buying the Eid chocolate and making the sweets?

I’m ashamed to say I’m sad for such things regardless of how much they mean to me. There are people who lost their beloved ones, lost their homes, lost parts of their bodies. I’m ashamed to say I’m sad. I’m ashamed to wear my new clothes in a time they have nothing to wear except for the clothes they were wearing when they were forced to leave their homes under the fire of the Israeli rockets!


(4) Destruction:

Looking at al Shajaeya massacre photos makes me wonder how this destruction may be removed, when this completely wiped out neighborhoods will be rebuilt, how would an old man feel when he sees the building he spent his whole life saving money to build was wiped out in a blink of an eye, just like a piece of biscuits! How might a child ever forget the moment his parents were crazy carrying him and running in the streets among thousands of people some of whom were killed before his eyes and no one could help!

This is the ‘victory’ Israel achieved in Al Shajaeya:

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(5) My sister’s house

My sister lives in an eastern area so that we insisted she must leave her house once we heard about Al Shajaeya massacre. She left, but left behind her memories and life  praying that the house stays safe till this damn war end. This is what an Israeli airstrike turned her house into..

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Israel slaughtered more than 1000 civilian Palestinians and injured more than 6000 to tell their people they ended the Palestinian resistance, they ended the Palestinian missiles, and they want Palestinians to reject the resistance. However, all Palestinians support the resistance much more than they did before. The injured ones and the martyrs’ families all say they are ready to scarify and support resistance with all what they have.

Is this the victory Israel claims?



(6) My friend

My friend’s house was also targeted and completely burnt. Israa , who blogs in Gaza.. Sense of Victory ♥ wrote:

” ‘Israel’ always claims that it wants to create a peaceful reality so children in the Middle East won’t have to live in fear and violence of war. Yet, ‘Israel’ killed hundreds of children and killed their dreams with them. What’s happening in Gaza these days is unbelievable, is incredible, and is unfair.
“If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I am going to do everything in my power to stop that, and I would expect ‘Israelis’ to do the same” President Barack Obama!
What possible explanation could defend the deliberate attacks against civilians in their houses? What is the justification of targeting women and children were they live and play? Don’t we, just like Obama, have the duty to protect our children and houses? Don’t we have the responsibility to react in self-defense?
There is no moral equivalent between ‘Israel’ who is knowingly targeting innocent women and children and the Palestinian resistance who specifically targets, military ‘Israeli’ soldiers, the terrorists! And that’s the difference.”


Each time Israelis –stupidly- think they would end Palestinians makes Palestinians much stronger. Each time Israelis think they may cause Palestinians to hate the resistance they make them love and support it much more than before. Each time Israelis think they would be safe by killing children they become much more coward.

Only Palestinians get more faithful, strong, and –despite of their grief- hopeful.

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