Farewell IUG

27 May

If our life is a matter of  days and days, the day of farewell is to come sooner or later. I still remember my first step in IUG, as if it were yesterday. My schedule started at 8 am. I wore my brown jelbab, off-white headscarf, small jeans bag, and a ring my father gave me as a gift when I finished high school, and went to say welcome IUG.

I was looking in students faces as a lost child, looking for someone I know. The most difficult thing is to search people’s faces and eyes looking for something familiar, something just to spend some time with, but you don’t find. That day was too hot, and the campus was overcrowded with strange faces.

Days after days, my bag gradually became bigger, my books became more in number and smaller in font size, and I started to make some friends.

I remember: when I was still a beginner searching for words and putting them together to form a correct sentence before I speak English in front of professors and classmates. Although it was broken sometimes, I still remember my teacher when she shook her head slowly up and down and said, “excellent!”

I still remember when IUG was bombed during the Cast Lead in December 2008. The scientific laboratories building kept smoking for about 3 days, and my father kept surfing the internet looking for an undestroyed side of the building and pinning hopes that his laboratory is still alive. However, it was all in vain!

I still remember the smell of savageness coming out of damaged concrete. I still remember the dryness of tree leaves covered with white dust, and I do remember exam sheets and projects were under the debris. Every single minute I spent at IUG is unforgettable.

27th of December, 2009, the first anniversary of Cast Lead. I was a member of IUG Female Students Council. All of members were busy thinking of a strong decoration for the commemoration but we decided what happened is above all decorations! I went up the ruins of the damaged building, holding the microphone and started.

At that time, every single cell inside our hearts was telling Israeli’s: “you will never live in peace as long as we have memories”.

I think of how my life is going to be after graduation. A life away from friends I used to meet daily, a life away from assignments, presentations, and hard work , a life without exams! That has seemed a dream to me since I knew the word (teacher); it seems a nightmare to me now!

All of the details there are distinguishable: the break time, our daily falafel breakfast, the place where we daily sit, our chatting, laughing, cursing marks :S , and photocopying notes 😀 Soha’s mess, Rawand’s complaint, Shaima’s constant will to leave early to have lunch, Rania’s fun and our madness together.

If it’s to say farewell to all of this, it’s may be the time to say welcome to many other things; they will all be grown-ups’ affairs and a life of big responsibilities. If it is time to say farewell, I have too say thanks for too many people:

My parents: thank you for your care, patience, and support.

My professors: thanks for your encouragements.

Dr. Nazmi Al-Masri: thanks a million for making me love teaching and love all what I do.

Dr. Kamal Murtaja: I’m sure if you read this you’ll immediately mark many mistakes, but let me be grateful for you gave me the confidence to write on a blog J

Dr. Ayman Al-Hallaq: the most informative classes were yours. Thank you.

Mr. Jamal Sahabani , my training supervisor: thank you for your confidence and support. I’m proud of you.

All of my friends: thank you for every second you spent with me.

And IUG: thank you for granting me all of these nice people, experiences, and years.

27th May, 2012.. my last exam at IUG. I, intentionally, wore the same brown jelbab, off-white headscarf, and my small jeans bag, but this time with a wedding ring in my left hand, and went to say farewell IUG.



5 responses to “Farewell IUG

  1. Duaamonzir

    May 27, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    الله يوفقك دايما
    وتتذكري كل لحظاتك الحلوة وانتي بخير وصحة وعافية
    لكن بالنسبة للجلباب انتي ماغيرتيه طول الاربع سنين ولا كيف؟؟
    حلوة كتير التددوينة لدرجة اني قرأتها لآخر كلمة بذات القدر من الاهتمام
    موفقة دوما

    • Ruba Monzir

      May 28, 2012 at 9:18 am

      ههههههه لا بس تعمدت البس نفس الجلباب الي لبسته أول يوم خخخ
      شكرا كتير 🙂

  2. Hannah

    May 28, 2012 at 1:55 am

    Many congratulations on this milestone please keep blogging

    • Ruba Monzir

      May 28, 2012 at 9:18 am

      Hannah : how I miss you ! very happy for your comment.. thank you, and I will 🙂

  3. Noor Marwan

    May 31, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    Wawwwetooo…. 7alaaaa ayaam walllah … Wanaaa 3fekraaa bt5raaaj el faseel hada men el teeeb elee konet fee ^*

    عنجد عنجد كتير حلو خاصة فكرة شكر الاساتذة ضحكت كتير عالاستاذ الي حيطلع الاخطاء ^*
    بس البداية والنهاية كتير حلوة وانا بقول ليش كاتبا بالاول عن الرنج ^* اجرمنووو عشان الرنج الي بالاخر لا بجد محبوووكة روعة ياربا

    موفقة دايما ^*

    تأكدي تماما ان الحياة سترسل لك اصدقاء جدد لينضموا لاصدقاء الجامعة … مرحين ولذيذين وحبوبين بس كل ماكبرنا بتزيد المسئولية وهادي هيا حلاوة الجامعة ^*

    موفقة دايما


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