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Electric diaries

it’s Duaa, a 6-year girl at her first year of school. I was astonished to know that a 6-year girl writes a diary, and was shocked to see what her diary includes.

In each page, she wrote something about electricity. People may see her diary and say, “how innocent” but they never think these little children are living what they are not supposed to live, thinking of what they are not supposed to think of, and writing about what they are not supposed to write about!

When diaries become electric, they are a difficult task, a dangerous one, and a heavy burden as they may turn one’s heart into a piece of coal, gradually, with every single letter, and with every single heartbeat.

Gazans, even children, don’t write about their dreams, about their meditations in the sea colors at sunset, neither do they write about their birthdays parties, for they have to hold the whole party on a candle, not only at the cake time. They sing happy birthday, but mothers never allow children to extinguish the candle, as it is needed to see what they are eating!

Sabri, Farah, Nadeen Basheer, three siblings from Deir Al-Balah, died in a fire caused by a candle, in a need-for-light.

However, there are still other Gazan children who sleep with a candle on, just like Duaa !


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