‘Miss’ and a red pen!

15 Sep

5:30 am, I opened my eyes quickly, got ready to go to school as I have to be on time.

6:15 am, I closed the apartment’s door and went out. It was a nice chance to feel life in the morning. I went to school on foot, holding many thoughts about how would that day be like. The street in front of my eyes was long and well-paved. I walk in there everyday going to university, but it was the first time I notice the street’s name! It was nice to find that it has the same name the school I was going to have my training at has.

A morning-full scene. It has been ages since the last time I felt the morning’s air, the perfect cloudless sunless blue sky, and the sounds coming out of schools’ buildings mingled with morning’s air.

Every thing was calm to the extent I could clearly hear it breathing! It was a complete new life with a new breath of every single small detail. I could clearly read what is written on the street’s walls, notice how tree leaves were swaying on the blossoms, and feel how beautiful this street is without being disturbed by sellers’ voices or cars jam.

We were created naturally beautiful from inside, calm and peaceful but when our lives are overcrowded, we may not even have a second to notice and keep the beauty of ourselves!

The street was empty except for some few little kids carrying big bags on their backs, wearing the same uniform, and holding each others’ hands.

How innocent our life could be, hoe simple and carefree. I thought, such bags could be the first big concern we may have in our lives, the first thing that may make our lives crowded!

6:25 am, I stepped my first step in the school. I looked with a smiling face. How beautiful the school was, and how lucky I was to be chosen to be a trainee there.

The teacher was assigned to help me in my training course was still young and pretty. Well, I considered it as an advantage. I don’t like those old teachers who have been teaching for ages and thinking each new thing would be in vain.

I insisted to watch the students’ morning queue. I observed it with keen interest. It took me 6 years before, when I was still a school student. I was, and still, enjoying the national anthem, and very much eager to hear it sung at university, but of course there are no queues, no programs, and no national anthem.

I was unified with all the school life aspects. Frankly, I have never liked a teacher! I have never been in love with at least one class although I was always the first student!

I was surprised with myself today when I felt I don’t want the day to finish. Does it need all those years away from school in order to love it? I don’t know. The only thing I know now is that I, as a teacher, must not let my students have the same feeling I had towards the school when I was at their age.

I introduced myself to each class I entered, wrote some exercises on the board, and checked their answers with a red pen.

What an authority given by such a pen!

A red pen, I was always thinking, why do teachers use this color particularly? And why do headmasters use the green one? Well, I have never found an answer!

Anyway, I was roaming from a class to another holding my notebook and that un-comprehendible powerful pen, checking students’ answers with great pleasure.

The point to which all students and student-teachers were surprised was that I was very happy with the break’s bell and rushed with students to buy a sandwich from the canteen. I am still in love with those aspects of school life.

I didn’t feel tired. I didn’t feel upset. The only feeling I had during the whole day was only happiness.

The feeling created within my heart when I heard the word ‘Miss’ cannot be described on paper. The only thing I can say is that the success I may achieve in teaching depends on how much I love what I am doing, and unify myself with the surrounding atmosphere. =)

my school =)


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4 responses to “‘Miss’ and a red pen!

  1. Hanoon

    September 15, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    ummm just one comment.. ” I closed the door this morning not U ” :p !!! h3 h3 ..
    good job sis,, you’ll be GREAT teacher …
    keep on =)

    • Ruba Monzir

      September 15, 2011 at 5:14 pm

      hhhhhhhh it does not matter, you and me are one ! the door was closed 😀 😀
      thanks dear =)

  2. ibrahim Shurrab

    September 30, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    Nice post Miss Ruba 🙂

    ” The only thing I know now is that I, as a teacher, must not let my students have the same feeling I had towards the school when I was at their age.” Wish for you all the best on this regard

  3. Ruba Monzir

    September 30, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    Ibrahim : you are most welcome , thank you for your nice comment 🙂


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