Oh My Gaza !

20 Aug

It has been a while since the last time I blogged. Although it is not suitable for me to blog today, as I have an exam tomorrow, BUT I cannot stop the desire of writing inside my heart, the desire not to keep silent, and to feel that I’m doing something, even if it was too simple !

[1] Never Cast Lead again !

In Eilat operation, 7 Israelis were killed, no Palestinian faction has adopted it, BUT simply dozens of Palestinians in Gaza were burned, torn into pieces for something they didn’t do.

Let’s suppose the operation was done by Gazans. Netanyahu said that all those who were responsible for the operation were killed, then , Why would Israel attack civilians, children, mothers who may even did not know any thing about the occurrence of such operation?!!

It’s only Israelis’ brutality and crimes against humanity for which it has never been punished!

Radio Channels started playing patriotic songs they were playing during Gaza massacre of Cast Lead in 2008. to breathe the same atmosphere of blood smell is something terrible! as if you are experiencing death more than once while you are still alive!

[2] Moments of fear:

I was studying when 2 loud explosions shook our home. My parents gathered us in the corridor and told us not to move. Bombings were everywhere. No one could walk in the streets at that time but the (msaharatis) ,persons who awaken other people up to have their Sohur in Ramadan. They were very brave to roam Gaza streets and beat their drums under a rain of fire!

I said to myself: they can never defeat us !

[3] Will never forget!

A father ,doctor, his brother and son were targeted directly while they were riding a motorbike . they were tuned into burned pieces of flesh!

I thought of the mother. She has lost her 2-year-old child and her husband at the same time. People go to Paradise, but their deaths moment becomes immortal and unforgettable grief!

[4] Are those photos horrible ?

Never think for a while that people can get used to everything. In fact, they can, but they can never get used to DEATH. People can never get used to loosing their parents, children, friends…

I looked at the world and thought of how many girls/boys have committed suicide for being left by their boy/girl friends! How much trivial that world is!

Despite of all those massacred people, life is sacred in Gaza !
Life is sacred in the most area which death never left!

[5] Irony!

My sister asked her friend if she has heard the explosions. She answered immediately, “there is no electricity, I can’t hear anything because of the sounds of power engines !!”

[6] Damn them all :

I just have a feeling now to damn all of them. Damn you Israel. Damn you Netanyahu. Damn you Abbas. Damn you USA. Damn you human rights organizations. Damn you UN. Damn you European Union. Damn everyone who can do something to protect Gaza and keeps silent!

[7] Twitter:

People on twitter were doing a great work but I’m not sure if the outside world is concerned with what is happening there! At the beginning I felt I was drowning in a deep sea of propaganda, but later, most of twitter users whom I follow started asking each other about their source of news.

Some of them twitted :

“When human beings dehumanizing their counterpart, they never see their as human being but rather objects, Gaza demonstrates this fact now.” by Ayman Qwaider

“I didnt sleep last night,going 2 sleep for a couple of hours,explosions will wake me up & ill rush 2 tweet about them #Gaza stay safe every1” by Omar Gaza

And I twitted before I hardly went offline to complete my studying, “Oh Allah, #ProtectGaza”

[8] the bad thing is definitely better!

It seems I will get bad mark at tomorrow’s exam. I cannot stop crying, watching the news on TV, and following them on Twitter and Facebook.

I say to myself: to lose marks is better than to lose someone you love!

[9] Contradictions:

At the moment, I’m looking out of my window. Our neighbors have gathered under their building and started drinking tea and playing dice.

Note: it’s not about they don’t care for what is happening around them, but it may be that they want to enjoy their last moments of life. Or, they may want to consume their time while waiting for death, or it may be “Life Goes On”

[10] Netanyahu: “the first 24 hours of bombing Gaza were ‘just an initial response’ ”

I will write soon, if I was not slaughtered!

Ruba Monzir
1:17 am

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