Sorry, George Orwell !

20 May

2+2=4, we can say 4 freely. In the face of anyone, no matter who this one is, and whatever his work is, we can say loudly, “two plus two equals FOUR

Since 1948 or 1984 till 2011, every thing is the same, but the point is that we have become no longer passive!

Big Brother is watching us, but we are demonstrating in his face in millions without any sign of fear, to expel him out of our “Oceania”. His thought police has no work anymore, as we are not thinking secretly. Everything is crystal clear in front of the whole world, and no one can prevent us from thinking and even having actions depending on our thoughts!

His telescreens are no longer switched on. We have “extinguished” them forever, and replaced them by other clean ones, making the whole world witnessing our freedom on.

Who controls the past controls the future, and who controls the present controls the past”. No one has ever managed to control our past, so that we are controlling our present now,  controlling our high spirits, our strong will and determination to change, our unity, and our countries. We are the ones who control everything, even Big Brother and his party ; therefore, our future will be ours.

Sorry Orwell. We also have many of “room 101”. But we are ready to be vaporized till the last breath of our lives but not to give up! Officers were taking “our children, wives, and cutting their throats in front of our eyes”, then taking us to room 101, but we still don’t love Big Brother. We still are shouting in the streets that we hate him and his regime!

We have met in “places where there is no darkness” for years. However, we have finally overcome their light to enjoy the darkness of our freedom which is the real place where there is no darkness!

Sorry Orwell! We are not Winstons or Julias anymore! “the struggle was finished” but our struggle has just begun, we won the victory over Big Brother. And do you know? we have established the real Ministries of Love, Truth, and Peace as well.

BUT ,I guess if you were alive, you would be very pleased to witness what had happened ..!

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