Gaza…The True Image

17 May


 Female Student council of Islamic university of Gaza IUG held Wednesday 4 May 2011 a festival  entitled  ” Gaza… The true image ” . The festival , which represented the idea of the female student council , was the first ever one to be held in English tongue in the besieged Gaza .

It included a short speech delivered by Dr. Kamaleen Shaat , the president of  IUG, who spoke  about the activities of the student council expressing his gladness to get such festivals, that presents creativity of the university students .
Shaat added that such fiesta , which included  other categories of the external society referring to the little girls who performed the Pantomime show,  is unique .
A short supporting video was presented  by students of Goldsmith university .  Assistant of vice president for external affairs , Dr.Nazmi Almassri ,  delivered  a short speech pointing out that  cooperation between the student council of IUG with other unions of the universities of London ,specially Goldsmith university,  confirms strong determination of
Gazan students ,who live  difficult circumstances .
The female student council presented some expressing artistic activities such as songs, poetry and dazzling pantomime show, that showed suffering of Palestinian children and their correspondingly strong determination.
Moreover, Nathe Stothe, a friend of Vottorio Arigoni ,delivered a short speech talking about him on behalf of all his friends, many of whom were invited to the festival. Arrigoni’s friends were got to the stage and  honored for their attending the festival and  for their honorable efforts to help the Palestinian people
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