Being a Gazan (2)

11 May

After along day, we have finally arrived Mecca. The hotel was not that much bad, but at least it was not like the other hotels prepared for the passengers from other countries..

I was stung when I suddenly saw a sign on which was written ( Gaza Strip passengers, you should gather in the hotel main hall tomorrow at 11 am to get 500 SR. for each from Sheikh …….)

I just couldn’t understand why did he want to distribute his money to the Gazans only ! as if Saudi Arabia had no poor people, why might we need some money from him or any other person ?

When a Saudi woman knew we were from Gaza (at Cairo airport, in our way back) went away and then came back with 50 Euros asking us to buy whatever we want from the airport !!!

It was Cairo airport that refused to leave even one good thing about it in our memories !

Another Jordanian woman did the same at al-Haram !

Whatever, The point was that they just think that all what we want from them is some charity !

how much insulted I felt !

Some Saudi girls asked us where are we from, and when they knew we were from Gaza , they said immediately, “wooow, we are too much eager to pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque” ! As if being residents of Gaza means that we pray at it every day ! they were surprised to know that going to Saudi Arabia is too much  easier than going to Jerusalem, the thing which seems even impossible, and they were shocked to know that we have never seen Jerusalem but in photos !

How much ignorant they were! And how much upset I felt !

An Egyptian woman once said to me during a conversation about what had happened with us at Cairo Airport : “but excuse me, I love Husni Mubarak” I asked why? She replied: “because he takes after my father” .. What a silly reason and what a silly mind !

She added: “you mustn’t hate anyone, even if he was you enemy !” Oh my God! She does not see any reason for my hatred for Israel ! everything is going to be okay, but you should keep your heart pure from hatred !

I was extremely angry with her and just kept my words and turned my face the other side !

How much trivial she was, and how much provoked I felt !
once we were praying in al-Masjed Al-Haram, we met an English woman, we talked a little bit and she asked us “where are you from?” and when we answered: “from Gaza” , she yelled with frightened eyes : “scaaaaaaaaring” !!… I couldn’t understand where the scaring point was..!

I thought immediately of the “time bomb” !


Being a Gazan doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to tolerate all other silly minds !

Neither it means that you have to endure being insulted this way !

After all, being a Gazan means that you are a HUMAN, even if they don’t know, or try to pretend so.

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